What is a good timeframe in which to order my invitations?
Please contact Ink Parade plenty of time in advance before your invitation send-off date. Ideally, 3 months or more before send-off date for Collection designs, and 5 months or more prior to send-off date for custom work is best!

What is a Collection design?
It describes a design that is pre-created, but can be customized with the exact wording and colors that fit your event. See them here.

Can you print and assemble any of the designs here? Or do I have to order a PDF file?
Anything from Ink Parade Paperie may be either printed and assembled by Ink Parade, or printed and assembled by you--whichever you prefer. It doesn't matter if it's a custom design or a Collection design, you still have either printing option. The pricing differs for both options.

Do you do other design work?
Most certainly! Ink Parade can do...
  • Recital Invitations
  • Baby Announcements
  • Shower Invitations
  • Greeting Cards

Do you do calligraphy or custom maps? What about other wedding items...like cupcake pennants, favor tags, etc.?
Yes indeed--please see a hand-drawn custom map example here.
Please see samples of hand-written envelope addressing here.


How do I open and print the PDF files for print-it-yourself invitations?
PDF files are opened in the program Adobe Acrobat, which is compatible with Mac or PC computers. You probably already have the program on your computer, but if not, you can download it here (for free!) on the Adobe company website. And if you're printing your design files at your local print shop, you can put them on a thumb drive or email them directly to the print shop.

If I am printing at home or a local printer, what kind of paper should I use?
That will depend. At home, run a few different papers through your printer but please be very careful to keep the paper thickness manageable for your machine.

If you're printing locally, once you pick your print shop, visit them and tell them about your invitations. Ask them what types of paper they are capable of printing digitally. They will be able to tell you what types of paper you can purchase either directly from them, or paper from a local office supply store that you can bring in. Ask about 80 LB, 100 LB, and 110 LB cover stock. Also inquire about textures: Laid, Felt, and Linen are beautiful paper texture options you may have.

What about trimming my invitations and other pieces?
Most print or copy shops can trim/cut them for you for an itty bitty charge. Or, you can take matters into your own hands! You'll need 3 things: 1) an Exacto knife,  2) a cutting mat,  3) a ruler. (Either Michael's or A.C. Moore craft stores are great places to pick up these items). There are crop marks on the design file, so you'll have those as guides for trimming.


Can I change the wording on the designs I see?
Yes yes and yes! That happens when you email Ink Parade the exact text you want on each piece. If you'd like the wording on your invitations and accompanying pieces to reflect a slightly different tone, include the exact phrasing you'd like on each piece.

How do color choices work?
Pick your colors on the Color Chart, or send Ink Parade colors (any photographs or images you have are great color inspiration) and they can be matched. There is a $20 flat fee for submitting your own colors--it takes more time to match a color exactly. However, for custom projects, there is no extra fee for working outside the color chart.
*Printing off the color chart to test on either your own printer or at your local print shop is a great idea if you're using the print-it-yourself option. Colors tend to vary from printer to printer, and will always look a bit different on paper than they look on screen.

Can I change other things on Collection designs, like fonts or sizes?
Font changes can be made for a $35 blanket fee which includes all pieces you order. Please contact Ink Parade for details on specific fonts and font choices. Size changes can be made; price will depend on the project.


For custom invitation sets, what kinds of things do you ask in the questionnaire you email me?
Lots of specifics... from basic logistics (quantity, time frame, printing) to questions about visuals, stories, and experiences that feed your inspiration for your wedding. Any photos/images you've gathered in your event planning are always helpful so I can design something awesomely unique to you.

How many rounds of revisions do you offer?
CUSTOM DESIGNS: 4 total proofs are included.
COLLECTION DESIGNS: 3 proofs total are included.
Subsequent proofs are $35 per proof.

Will I get to see a proof of my design when I order Collection invitations?
Yes. You will receive a PDF proof of each piece for you to review before they are finalized for print. You then sign off on the proof via email.

What about any errors or misspellings?
Ink Parade will always do the best to ensure that grammar and spelling is correct, and due responsibility is taken appropriately. You will receive the final proof for review before printing, which is very important because you have the best knowledge of specific information--name spellings, contact information, titles, etc.--that you provide to Ink Parade Paperie. When you receive your final proof, please check names, phrasing, and dates meticulously before you approve it. Once you sign off on a final proof, Ink Parade Paperie is not responsible for costs associated with any possible errors.


What size envelopes should I shop for?
Most of the designs here are designed to fit A7 envelopes and A2 envelopes. Check out an itty bitty size guide here!

There are some great places to order announcement envelopes online, or you can usually find basic white ones at your local print shop. A good place to check out is www.paper-papers.com.  Amazon.com can have a decent selection as well.

Do you offer printing on envelopes?
Yes. Pricing for that will be posted shortly.

Other questions? Please contact Ink Parade Paperie.