How Do I Order?

Thanks for asking! To order:
  1. Use the Contact Form to let Ink Parade know what you're interested in. For greeting cards, please specify quantity and any special requests. For bridal stationery, please provide the dates you plan to mail the pieces off so time and options may be assessed accordingly, including any specific requests for materials (may require extra ordering time), and any other requests, such as needing multiple versions of a design. *It is best to start the invitation process 5-6 months in advance of your wedding date.
  2. Custom invitations: You will be sent a Custom Design Questionnaire. 
  3. You send Ink Parade the Starting Deposit, and the process of creating begins! 
  4. Custom: You are sent 2-3 design options so you can pick which look you like best. Then accompanying pieces are created based on your chosen design direction. 
  5. You are sent the final (digital) proofs and you review them, and sign off on them.
  6. You send Ink Parade the Finishing Deposit, and your invites will be sent off. Your invitations can be delivered in 2 ways: either fully printed, trimmed, and assembled--or as PDF files that you can print at your local print shop. 

    How Do I Pay?

    Payment process: Starting and Finishing Deposits are determined on an individual basis. They are each generally 50% of the total invoice.
    Payment methods: Paypal! You can easily create a Paypal account if you don't have one. If you have an account already, you will be sent a Paypal invoice, and once Ink Parade receives payment, your invitations can be started. Hooray! *Note: there is a 3% processing charge for using Paypal (all Paypal sales include this) that will be applied to your final invoice.

    Check out Pricing here.
    Check out the handy Color Chart here.